Chapter 10 – Licenses 

Article I.  In General.


§10-1.              Applications Generally.

§10-2.              Persons Subject to Required Licenses.

§10-3.              Village Clerk To Prepare and File Forms.

§10-4.              Licenses To Bear Signatures of Mayor and Clerk.

§10-5.              Premises Inspections and Investigations Generally.

§10-6.              Admittance of Village Officers or Employees to Licensed Premises for Inspection Purposes.

§10-7.              Fees--Schedules.

§10-8.              Same--Exemption of Not-for-Profit Corporations.

§10-9.              Same--Payment; Proration; Disposition.

§10-10.            Expiration; Expiration Notice.

§10-11.            Businesses or Acts Not Complying with Certain Regulations.

§10-12.            Change of Location of Licensed Business or Occupation.

§10-13.            Revocation of Licenses.

§10-14.            Display--License.

§10-14.1          Same--Cash Register.

§10-15.            Tags, etc., for Vehicles Where Number of Vehicles Used is Basis for Fee.

§10-16.            Penalties.

Article II.  Coin Operated Amusement or Vending Devices.

§10-17.            Definitions.

§10-18.            License Required.

§10-18.1          Game Room License Required.

§10-19.            Permit for Vending Devices Required.

§10-19.1          Video Gaming Terminals.

Article III.  Carnivals.

§10-20.            Definitions.

§10-21.            Permit Regulations.

§10-22.            Insurance Required.

§10-23.            Gambling or Lewd Conduct Forbidden.

Article III.A.  Laundromats

§10-23.1          Requirements.


Article IV.  House and Garage Sales.

§10-24.            Special Permit--Regulations; Exceptions.

§10-25.            Same--Terms and Conditions.

§10-26.            Citations for Violations; Penalties and Procedures.

Article V.  Massage Establishments. 

§10-27.            Definitions.

§10-28.            Massage Business Commissioner.

§10-29.            Massage Establishment License Required.

§10-30.            Exemptions.

§10-31.            Application for Massage Establishment License.

§10-32.            Processing of Application.

§10-33.            Standards for Issuance or Denial of Massage Establishment License.

§10-34.            Inspections by the Village.

§10-35.            Change in Information.

§10-36.            General Regulations.

§10-37.            Additional Regulations Applicable to Licensed Massage Establishments.

§10-38.            Licensee’s Responsibility.

§10-39.            Revocation or Suspension.

§10-40.            Administrative Record.

§10-41.            Record keeping by Licensee.

§10-42.            Transfer – Changes in Ownership or Management.

§10-43.            Nuisance Declared.

§10-44.            Penalty.

Article VI.  Transient Merchants, Itinerant Merchants and Itinerant Vendors.

§10-48 through 10-58 repealed by Ord. No. 81-74.

Article VII.  Peddlers.

§10-59 through 10-70 repealed by Ord. No. 81-74; §10-71 repealed by Ord. No. 79-69. 

Article VIII.  Residential Rental Dwellings/Licensing and Inspection.

§10-80.            Definitions.

§10-81.            License Required. 

§10-82.            Application.

§10-83.            Reports.

§10-84.            Mandatory Crime Free Seminar.

§10-85.            License Fees and Inspection Fees.

§10-85.1          Annual Residential Rental License Fees and Inspections

§10-85.2          Inspection Grading System

§10-85.3          Semiannual Inspections

§10-85.4          Reinspections

§10-85.5          Exterior Only Inspections

§10-85.6          Payment of Certain Fees

§10-85.7          Scheduling Inspections

§10-86.            Inspection of Building, Violations, Suspension and Revocation of License.

§10-86.1.         Nuisance Residential Rental Property

§10-87.            Tenant Responsibility/Notification by Landlord.

§10-88.            Penalty.

Article IX. Flea Markets.

§10-89.            Definitions.

§10-90.            Flea Market Operators; License Required.

§10-91.            Application for Flea Market Operator's License.

§10-92.            Flea Market Vendors; License Required.

§10-93.            Application for Flea Market Vendor's License.

§10-94.            Fee for Flea Market Operator's License.

§10-95.            Fee for Flea Market Vendor's License.

§10-96.            License Not Transferable.

§10-97.            Exhibition of License.

§10-98.            Vendor's Exhibition of Warranties, Guarantees and Other Consumer Protection.

§10-99.            Operator's Exhibition of Statement.

§10-100.          Prohibited Storage, Sales and Display.

§10-101.          Sales Tax; Sales Receipts, Inventory.

§10-102.          Revocation of License.

§10-103.          Clean-Up Bond Required.

§10-104.          Penalties. 

Article X.  Street and Sidewalk Vending

§10-105.          Findings and Purpose.

§10-106.          Definitions.

§10-107.          License Required.

§10-108.          Applications.

§10-109.          Issuance.

§10-110.          Prohibited Conduct.

§10-111.          Size Requirements for Vending Stands.

§10-112.          Health and Sanitation Requirements for Food and Beverage Vending.

§10-113.          Safety Requirements.

§10-114.          Display of License.

§10-115.          Advertising.

§10-116.          Renewal.

§10-117.          Denial, Suspension and Revocation. 

§10-118.          Penalty.

§10-119.          Separability, Repealer and Effective Date.

Article XI.  Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishments 

§10-120.          Definitions.

§10-121.          License Required.

§10-122.          Application; Fee.

§10-123.          Duration of License; Renewal.

§10-124.          Premises.

§10-125.          Operating Requirements.

§10-126.          Inspections.

§10-127.          License Revocation and Suspension.

§10-128.          Transfer of License Prohibited.

§10-129.          Display of License Required.

§10-130.          Exemptions.

§10-131.          Requirement for Authorized Physician for Body Piercing.

§10-132.          Tattooing of Minors.

§10-133.          Penalty.

Article XIFireworks

§10-134           Definitions.

§10-135           Sale, Possession or Use of Fireworks Prohibited

§10-136           Permit Required.

§10-137           Permit Application

§10-138           Fireworks Supervisor Responsibilities.

§10-139           Penalty.

Article XIII.  Motor Fuel Price Advertising

§10-140           Posted Price to Include Tax; Regulation of Advertising Promotions.

§10-141           Penalty.

Article XIV.  Precious Metal and Gem Dealers, Pawnbrokers

§10-142           License Required; Method of Obtaining License; No Convictions of Certain Crimes; Approval of Weighing Devices; Renewal; Permanent Location Required.

§10-143.          Records To Be Kept; Copy Furnished to Local Authorities.

§10-144.          Officers May Examine Records of Property; Warrantless Search and Seizure Authorized.

§10-145.          Credentials and Statement of Ownership Required from Seller or Depositor.

§10-146.          Prohibited Purchases.

§10-147.          Dealer to Retain Purchases.

§10-148.          Record of Disposition.

§10-149.          Exemptions from Article.

§10-150.          Penalties; Revocation

Addendum to Section 10-84 (Crime Free Lease Addendum)


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