Chapter 6 Building Code

(Revised in its entirety by Ordinance No. O-01-110, passed 10/15/01;

Ordinance No. O-13-67, passed 11/18/13.)

Article 1.  General Provisions.

Sec. 6-100.      Purpose.

Sec. 6-101.      Adoption of Codes.

Sec. 6-102.      Copies of Codes.

Sec. 6-103.      References to the Village in Codes.

Sec. 6-104.      Definitions.

Sec. 6-105.      Amendments and Supplements to Codes.

Article 2.  Administration.

Sec. 6-201.      Building Permit Processing and Approval.

Sec. 6-202.      Recorded Property.

Sec. 6-203.      Water Supply and Sewage Treatment.

Sec. 6-204.      Licensed Professionals.

Sec. 6-205.      Certificate of Compliance with Code.

Sec. 6-206.      Work Exempted from Permit.

Sec. 6-207.      Permit Cards.

Sec. 6-208.      Existing Building Remodeling, Alterations and Additions.

Sec, 6-209.      Time Limitation of Application.

Sec. 6-210.      Means of Appeal.

Article 3.  Types of Inspections, Surveys, Tests.

Sec. 6-301.      Inspections - Surveys.

Sec. 6-302.      Reinspection.

Sec. 6-303.      Reinspection Fee.

Article 4.  Fees.

Sec. 6-401.      Payment of Fees.

Sec. 6-402.      Single Family Residential - Detached.

Sec. 6-403.      Single Family Residential - Attached.

Sec. 6-404.      Multi-Family Residential.

Sec. 6-405       Non-Residential.

Sec. 6-406       Addison Fire District Fees.

Sec. 6-407       Security Deposit (Cash Bond).

Article 5.  Life Safety.

Sec. 6-501.      Fire Lanes.

Sec. 6-502.      High Rise Buildings.

Sec. 6-503.      Open Parking Structures.

Sec. 6-504.      Public Garages.

Sec. 6-505.      Stages.

Sec. 6-506.      Deflagration Venting.

Sec. 6-507.      Aboveground Liquefied Petroleum Gases.

Sec. 6-508.      Aboveground Flammable/Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks.

Sec. 6-509.      Type 5 Construction - Fire Suppression.

Sec. 6-510.      Fire Suppression.

Sec. 6-511.      Water Control Valves.

Sec. 6-512.      Standpipes.

Sec. 6-513.      Groups A, E, F, H, M, R-3, R-4 and U - Riser Pipe Sizes.

Sec. 6-514.      Fire Department Connections.

Sec. 6-515.      Strobe and Bells.

Sec. 6-516.      Fire Alarm Zones.

Sec. 6-517.      Fire Protection Signaling.

Sec. 6-518.      Security Key Box.

Sec. 6-519.      Non Habitable Penthouses.

Sec. 6-520.      Other Enclosed Roof Structures.

Sec. 6-521.      Exit Signs.

Sec. 6-522.      Luminous Egress Path Markings.

Sec. 6-523.      Bulk Liquid CO2.

Sec. 6-524.      Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Sec. 6-525.      Fire Protection Maintenance.

Article 6.  Elevators.

Sec. 6-601.     Access.

Sec. 6-602.     Shut-off Valves.

Sec. 6-603.     Driving Machines.

Sec. 6-604.     Access Switches.

Sec. 6-605.     Standby Power.

Sec. 6-606.     Safety Switches.

Sec. 6-607.     Smoke Detectors.

Sec. 6-608.     Shut-off Valve.

Sec. 6-609.     Emergency Lighting.

Sec. 6-610.     Emergency Signaling Devices.

Sec. 6-611.     Auxiliary Equipment.

Sec. 6-612.     Fire Service.

Sec. 6-613.     Posting of Certificate of Compliance.

Sec. 6-614.     Hoistway Doors.

Sec. 6-615.     Pit Access.

Sec. 6-616.     Drains and Sumps.

Sec. 6-617.     Pit Lighting.

Sec. 6-618.     Pit Stop Switch.

Sec. 6-619.     Emergency Exits.

Sec. 6-620.     Car Illumination.

Sec. 6-621.     Car Emergency Signaling Device.

Sec. 6-622.     Car Size.

Article 7.   Plumbing Code.

Sec. 6-701.      Illinois Plumbing Code Adopted.

Sec. 6-702.      Water Conservation Practices.

Sec. 6-703.      Sewer and/or Water Required.

Sec. 6-704.      Water Service Pipe Installation.

Sec. 6-705.      Water Supply Control Valves and Meter.

Sec. 6-706.      Water Service Pipe Sizing.

Sec. 6-707.      Sanitary Waste Below Sewer.

Sec. 6-708.      Water Heaters.

Sec. 6-709.      Building Drain.

Sec. 6-710.      Approved Materials for Building Drainage/Vent Pipe.

Sec. 6-711.      Approved Materials for Building Sewer Pipe.

Sec. 6-712.      Approved Materials for Water Service Pipe.

Sec. 6-713.      Approved Materials for Water Distribution Pipe.

Article 8.  Electric.

Sec. 6-801.      Single Family Dwelling.

Sec. 6-802.      Multiple Family Dwelling.

Sec. 6-803.      Electrical Services.

Sec. 6-804.      Electrical Conductors.

Sec. 6-805.      Electrical Conduit.

Sec. 6-806.      Detached Garages.

Sec. 6-807.      Underground Conductors.

Article 9.  Foundations.

Sec. 6-901.      Wood Foundations.

Sec. 6-902.      Masonry Footings or Foundation Walls.

Sec. 6-903.      Miscellaneous Foundations.

Sec. 6-904.      Foundation Walls.

Sec. 6-905       Wing Walls.

Sec. 6-906.      Frost Depth.

Article 10.  Residential Structures.

Sec. 6-1001.    Prohibited Residential Uses.

Article 11.  Vacant and Damaged Buildings.

Sec. 6-1101.    Vacant Buildings or Units.

Sec, 6-1102.    Damaged Buildings or Units.

Sec. 6-1103.    Permit Required for Securing a Building.

Sec. 6-1104.    Abatement Authority.

Article 12.  Accessory Structures.

Sec. 6-1201.    Fences.

Sec. 6-1202.    Detached Garages.

Sec. 6-1203.    Micro/Mini Cell Sites.

Sec. 6-1204.    Swimming Pools.


Article 13.  Miscellaneous.

Sec. 6-1301.    Display of Address.

Sec. 6-1302.    Sound Transmission.

Sec. 6-1303.    Minimum Exterior Finish Requirements.

Sec. 6-1304.    Car Wash Facilities.

Sec. 6-1305.    Roof Drains, Conductors and Leaders.

Article 14.  Penalties. 

Sec. 6-1401.    Enforcement - Penalties.

Article 15.  Cross Connection Control

Sec. 6-1500.    Cross-Connection Control.

Sec. 6-1501.    Definitions.

Sec. 6-1502.    Reserved for future use.

Sec. 6-1503.    Water System Defined.

Sec. 6-1504.    Cross-Connection Prohibited.

Sec. 6-1505.    Survey and Investigation.

Sec. 6-1506.    Prevention of Backflow.

Sec. 6-1507.    Where Protection Is Required.

Sec. 6-1508.    Reserved for future use.

Sec. 6-1509.    Fire Safety Systems.

Sec. 6-1510.    Backflow Prevention Devices.

Sec. 6-1511.    Inspection and Maintenance.

Sec. 6-1512.    Booster Pumps.

Sec. 6-1513.    Violations.


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